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1fcgi84FastCGI development kit
2fcgi-cgi14FastCGI application to run cgi applications
3fcgi-cgi-dbg2FastCGI application to run cgi applications
4fcgi-cgi-debuginfo8Debug information for package fcgi-cgi
5fcgi-cgi-debugsource6Debug sources for package fcgi-cgi
6fcgi-debug16Debug information for package fcgi
7fcgi-debug-dbg2debugs fastcgi streams - debug symbols
8fcgi-debug-debuginfo8Debug information for package fcgi-debug
9fcgi-debug-debugsource6Debug sources for package fcgi-debug
10fcgi-debuginfo44Debug information for package fcgi
11fcgi-devel52Development files for fcgi
12fcgi-perl23Perl bindings for fcgi
13fcgi-static3FastCGI static library
14fcgiwrap19simple server to run CGI applications over FastCGI
15apache-mod_fcgid-debug10Debug information for package apache-mod_fcgid
16apache-mod_fcgid-debuginfo9Debug information for package apache-mod_fcgid
17apache-mod_fcgid29A binary compatibility alternative to Apache module mod_fastcgi
18apache2-mod_fcgid27Alternative FastCGI module for Apache2
19chroot-httpd-mod-fcgid15FastCGI module for Apache
20dba-apache2-mod_fcgid-235 -debuginfo2Debug information for package dba-apache2-mod_fcgid-235